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We are currently raising funds for a liquidity pool fair launch.

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How this works

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Let's delve into the specifics of how our unique crowdfund system operates...

Our crowdfund platform serves as a conduit for our community to actively participate in the project's evolution, with the primary objective of raising funds designated for a specific purpose.

Each campaign is meticulously designed with a clear goal, purpose, and a defined timeline. You can monitor the progress in real-time as we inch closer to the campaign's end date and the pledged amount approaches the campaign goal. Some campaigns even offer the added incentive of freshly minted DVD tokens as rewards.

We've made it incredibly easy for you to participate using any ERC20 token or ETH. Yes, you heard it right! This is your golden opportunity to offload those underperforming tokens while simultaneously contributing to DaVinci Duck's growth. We accomplish this by converting ERC20s to ETH via Uniswap's V2Router contract, a process that relies on the liquidity available on Uniswap. Please note that this implementation is basic, and its routing is limited to ERC20 -> WETH.

You can claim your campaign rewards 24 hours after the campaign concludes. Campaigns will continue to run until the specified end date, irrespective of whether the pledge goal has been met. If you change your mind, you can withdraw your pledge at any time before the end date, and your pledge will be returned in ETH, even if you initially pledged ERC20s.

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