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In the diverse cosmos of cryptocurrency, numerous projects have illuminated the path of evolution, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry we observe today. Bitcoin unfurled the flag of digital currencies, Shiba Inu elegantly wove meme culture with decentralized community & finance, and Dogecoin captivated us with its playful, community-driven spirit. The pioneering decentralized finance models of Uniswap and PancakeSwap further revolutionized the landscape. Born from this rich heritage is DaVinci Duck Coin (DVD), a project that weaves these trailblazing elements into its DNA. DVD aims to blend the effervescent charm of meme coins with substantial value, solid community governance, and a lasting Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model to curate a compelling, influential, and unforgettable journey.

This whitepaper is your gateway into the intricacies of the DaVinci Duck Coin project. It not only highlights our innovativeness but also lays bare our potential to leave a lasting mark on the crypto and NFT landscape. Moreover, it provides glimpses of our aspirations for a decentralized and autonomous future—a future driven by the principles of fairness, transparency, and collective decision-making. Join us on this exhilarating journey, as we navigate the intersection of art, technology, finance, and autonomy under the imaginative guidance of our majestic mascot - the Platypus.

Welcome aboard the DaVinci Duck Coin universe, where we build, create, innovate, and more importantly, decentralize, together.

The DaVinci Duck Coin Ecosystem

DaVinci Duck Coin is no ordinary coin—it's the heart of a vibrant ecosystem focused on unique AI-generated NFTs. This ecosystem features a cutting-edge AI image generator designed to craft one-of-a-kind, classical art-inspired images. These unique creations can be minted into NFTs, immortalizing your unique art. These NFTs can then be staked in a contract to mint additional DVD tokens and act as a form of governance, integrating these digital works of art into the ecosystem's economy whole-heartedly.

Key Features

DAO Governance

Following Shiba Inu's decentralization model and interating on it, our goal is to nurture a fully autonomous DAO, enabling the community to shape the project's trajectory and affirming DaVinci Duck's position as a truly community-led endeavor.

Unlimited Token Supply

In sync with Shiba Inu's model, DaVinci Duck Coin will have an unlimited token supply, ensuring the longevity of our token economy and maintaining the token's value stability.

AI-Generated NFTs

Adding character to the DaVinci Duck ecosystem are the unique AI-generated NFTs. These art pieces can be staked for DVD token minting, tying them into the ecosystem's economic fabric. Furthermore, these NFTs can be traded on the marketplace, creating a thriving NFT economy.

NFT Staking

To foster engagement and incentivise staying within the ecosystem, stakeholders can stake their tokens and NFTs to earn additional DVD tokens, creating opportunities for them to grow their holdings and expand their influence.

NFT Marketplace

To facilitate the buying and selling of NFTs, we're developing a dedicated NFT marketplace. This marketplace will be a one-stop-shop for all your NFT needs, enabling you to buy, sell, and trade NFTs with ease. Fees will be collected from each transaction and used add to the deflation rate.

Decentralized Exchange

To facilitate seamless token trading, we're developing a decentralized exchange (DEX). This DEX will enable users to trade tokens without the need for a centralized intermediary, ensuring a fair and transparent trading experience. Similar to the NFT marketplace, fees will be collected from each transaction and used add to the deflation rate.

Hedged Tokens

Learning from Shiba Inu's Leash, we plan to launch a new token pegged to the value of multiple community-selected meme coins and another that will be pegged to market leaders - BTC, ETC, etc. These tokens will enhance diversity and utility within the DVD ecosystem.


As part of our commitment to building a comprehensive financial ecosystem, we're introducing our own stablecoin. This stablecoin adds a layer of stability and widens the range of services available to our users.

Gasless Token Transfers

To make the DVD ecosystem more accessible and user-friendly, we're implementing gasless token transfers. This feature will enable users to transfer tokens without paying gas fees, making the ecosystem more inclusive and convenient. While it has its limitations, we believe it's a step in the right direction.


Total Supply: Unlimited DVD Tokens

Targeted Circulating Supply: 444,000,000,000,000

Initial Token Distribution:

Public Allocation (22.522% - 100,000,000,000,000 DVD Tokens): Breaking away from the traditional DAO Treasury, Founders Share, and Liquidity Pool model, we have made these tokens directly accessible to the public. This approach fosters widespread participation and cultivates a truly inclusive ecosystem from the outset.

DAO Treasury (2.477%~ - 11,000,000,000,000 DVD Tokens): This fraction of tokens is reserved for ecosystem development, strategic partnerships, and robust marketing campaigns. This allocation ensures the project's continual growth and widespread reach.

Minted Through Emmissions (75%~ - 333,000,000,000,000 DVD Tokens): To stimulate sustained ecosystem interaction, tokens will be progressively minted by NFT stakers, creating an ever-evolving token landscape. As the token supply grows and time goes on the emission rate will drop - however, the emmissions will never end. This mechanism is akin to Bitcoin, it incentivises both short-term and long-term participation. The rate of token minting will be carefully monitored and adjusted based on community feedback.

The risk of constant token minting is inflation within the ecosystem, we share this concern and have designed the ecosystem with this in mind. Tokens will be agressively minted at the start, slowing down as we reach the targeted supply. It's at this point that the deflationary aspects of the ecosystem will come into play. Largely based on platform usage, the delationary rate will increase as more users join the ecosystem, as the deflationa rate increases so will the value of both the token and NFT. This will create a positive feedback loop, incentivising users to join the ecosystem and stake their NFTs.

The NFT Collection

AI-Generated NFTs & Their Role in the DaVinci Duck Ecosystem

In the ever-evolving DaVinci Duck Coin ecosystem, the integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) forms a central pillar of our innovative project. Harnessing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, our platform generates unique, classical art-themed NFTs that are not only captivating to behold but also integral to the economic structure of our ecosystem.

AI-Generated NFTs

Our advanced AI system functions as an innovative digital artist, generating unique and distinctive classical art-themed pieces. These are not mere static images; each is a singular digital creation with its own characteristics, imbued with the spirit of the Renaissance yet birthed in the blockchain era. Their uniqueness isn't just aesthetic; each AI-generated NFT will have specific attributes that determine its value and utility within the DaVinci Duck Coin ecosystem.

NFT Minting

The AI-generated images are not automatically minted as NFTs. Users are offered the opportunity to select and mint the AI-created pieces they deem worthy of immortalization on the blockchain. This selection and minting process gives our users an active role in the creative process, allowing them to curate the DaVinci Duck NFT collection alongside the AI. The minting price is determined by the amount of tokens in circulation and the amount of NFTs minted. The minting price will be adjusted based on community feedback.

NFT Staking

NFTs within the DaVinci Duck Coin ecosystem offer more than aesthetic pleasure. They also function as a vehicle for staking. Each NFT can be staked within a dedicated contract, earning the staker DVD tokens over time. This adds a new dimension of utility to the NFTs, transforming them into active contributors to the ecosystem's economy. The staking rewards also encourage user participation and engagement, enhancing the vibrant community around DaVinci Duck Coin.

NFTs and Governance Power

In addition to their artistic allure and economic incentives, NFTs in the DaVinci Duck ecosystem serve a vital role in community governance. The holders of these NFTs possess exponentially greater voting power compared to DVD token holders, amplifying their voice in steering the project's future. This approach acknowledges their deeper commitment to the ecosystem, aligning incentives, and fostering a dynamic, democratic community, thereby making DaVinci Duck a truly Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Specifics of the voting power ratio between NFTs and DVD tokens will be shared transparently, underlining our dedication to fairness and community involvement. The minting price can be adjusted based on community feedback. The same concept will apply to the NFT's governance power.

Community Decided Rarity

The rarity of each NFT is determined by the community. The community will be able to vote on the rarity of each NFT, this will be done through a dedicated contract. The rarity of each NFT will be determined by the amount of votes it receives. The rarity of each NFT will be displayed on the NFT marketplace, this will allow users to easily identify the rarity of each NFT. We plan for rarity to play a role in how much DVD tokens are minted when an NFT is staked. The rarer the NFT is decided to be, the more DVD tokens will be minted when it is staked. On the other end of the spectrum the more common an NFT is decided to be, the less DVD tokens will be minted when it is staked. This will create a deflationary aspect to the ecosystem, as the rarity of NFTs increases so does the value of the NFTs.

Storage on IPFS

All our NFTs are stored on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a peer-to-peer network designed for the decentralized web. Storing NFTs on IPFS ensures that the NFTs exist permanently and persistently, uncensorable and unalterable by any centralized entity. This way, when you purchase an NFT in the DaVinci Duck ecosystem, you own a piece of art that is stored safely, securely, and perpetually on the blockchain.

Minting Mechanics

Our minting system has been meticulously designed to intertwine the processes of token and NFT minting, creating a symbiotic relationship. When an NFT is minted, a corresponding amount of DVD tokens are generated. This reinforces the intrinsic connection between our tokens and NFTs. We are committed to full transparency with our community, and as such, we will disclose the specific mathematical formulas governing these minting processes. These formulas have been carefully calibrated to maintain the balance and health of our token economy and the value of our NFTs.

Token Minting

The rate at which new tokens are created, or the emission rate, is determined by a specific formula:

Token Minting Formula

In this formula:

  • ( E ) stands for the emission rate of tokens.
  • ( M ) is the maximum emission rate, which is the rate when there are no tokens in circulation.
  • ( n ) is the current number of tokens in circulation.
  • ( a ) is a factor that adjusts the rate at which the emission decreases as the number of tokens in circulation increases.

The key feature of this formula is that as the number of tokens in circulation increases, the emission rate decreases. However, it never reaches zero. Instead, it gradually approaches a minimum level. This ensures that new tokens are always being created, but at a decreasing rate. ( a ) will be time bound and ensures a gradual mint over long period of time. At a certain point, this can help the ecosystem become deflationary, which can help maintain the value of the tokens and the overall health of the ecosystem.

NFT Minting

The cost to mint a new NFT is determined by another formula:

NFT Minting Formula

In this formula:

  • ( P ) is the cost to mint an NFT.
  • ( B ) is the base cost when no NFTs have been minted yet.
  • ( T ) is the total number of NFTs that have been minted so far.
  • ( F ) is a factor that adjusts the rate at which the cost increases as more NFTs are minted. Based on circulating supply over target supply.

The cost to mint an NFT always increases as more NFTs are minted, but the rate of increase slows down over time. This means the cost rises quickly at first, but then more slowly as more NFTs are minted. The factor ( F ) determines how quickly the cost rises. The larger ( F ) is, the faster the cost will rise.

Token & NFT Utility

DVD tokens and NFTs serve as the vital lifeblood of the DaVinci Duck ecosystem, enabling a wide array of functions. From governance and NFT generation to staking and access to exclusive platform features, the utility of these assets is continuously evolving. For instance, DVD tokens are not only a medium of exchange within our ecosystem but also a key to participating in the project's decision-making processes.

The NFTs, on the other hand, are much more than digital art pieces. They are unique, AI-generated representations of commitment to the DVD ecosystem. These NFTs can be staked to mint additional DVD tokens, integrating them into the ecosystem's economy. Furthermore, the NFTs hold exponentially more voting power in community governance than DVD tokens alone, amplifying the voices of those most invested in the project's future.

By bridging art and function, the NFTs serve a dual purpose—enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the DVD ecosystem while also fueling its operational mechanics. This comprehensive approach to utility, inspired by our predecessors like Shiba Inu and Turbo Toad, underpins our commitment to fostering an engaging, rewarding, and democratic platform. As we continue to evolve, the scope of this utility will expand, driven by the needs and feedback of our dedicated community.


Mirroring Shiba Inu, DaVinci Duck Coin is an ERC-20 token designed on the Ethereum blockchain. Our deployment of smart contract technology ensures safe, transparent, and efficient transactions without the need for a centralized authority. To maintain the highest standards of security, all our smart contracts are rigorously audited to prevent any potential vulnerabilities, protecting the integrity of our platform and the assets of our users.

In line with the latest industry standards, our ecosystem will feature a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and an NFT marketplace. These platforms will utilize the most advanced and efficient protocols to offer a seamless, secure, and user-friendly trading experience - all while maintaining the highest standards of decentralization.

Moreover, our unique NFT staking feature will drive token emissions, creating a dynamic interplay between our digital art pieces and the DVD token economy.

Uniswap's protocols will be used to power our DEX and NFT marketplace, ensuring the highest levels of security and efficiency.

To further improve user experience, our ecosystem is set to introduce gasless transactions through the Permit function and flash loan capabilities, delivering unparalleled convenience and versatility to our users.

There are many method of DAO governance that exist. We have chosen to use a DAO Treasury, DAO Governer, & TimeLocks. The treasury will be funded by a portion of the tokens minted through staking. This treasury will be used to fund the development of the ecosystem, marketing, and strategic partnerships. The treasury will be governed by the community, the community will vote on how the treasury is used. This treasury will be used to fund the development of the ecosystem, marketing, and strategic partnerships. The treasury will be governed by the community, the community will vote on how the treasury is used. The governer will be used to vote on changes to the ecosystem, such as the addition of new features, changes to the tokenomics, and changes to the DAO Treasury. The governer will be voted on by the community, the community will vote on how the treasury is used. Voting built directly into the token and NFTs, allowing for a truly decentralized ecosystem. Proposals will be made by the community, voted on by the community, and implemented by the community. Additionally, the community will be able to vote on the DAO Treasury, DAO Governer, and TimeLocks associated. The importance of the TimeLock is to ensure that the community has time to review and vote on proposals, while further automating the DAO.


Our roadmap is ambitious—we aim to launch our own blockchain.

Phase 0: Pre-launch marketing and community building.

Phase 1: Release of whitepaper, DaVinci Duck Coin contract deployment, crowdfunding event, and initialization liquidity pool for fair launch.

Phase 2: Unveiling of AI-generated NFTs and staking options.

Phase 3: Transition to DAO governance, evolving the project into a fully community-driven initiative.

Phase 4: Launch of the DEX and NFT marketplace, enabling users to trade DVD tokens and NFTs seamlessly.

Phase 5: Introduction of our hedged token and stablecoin, enriching the ecosystem's diversity and stability further.

Phase 6: Continued growth and improvement of the community, platform, and features based on community feedback and governance recommendations.

Phase 7: Development and launch of our own blockchain, fortifying the entire ecosystem, and advancing our decentralization efforts.

At each stage, the Volumen will keep you updated, informed, and involved, serving as a compass guiding us through our shared journey in the vast ocean of crypto.

Community: The Core of DaVinci Duck

In the world of decentralized finance, the strength and vitality of a project often hinge on the unity and active involvement of its community. At DaVinci Duck, we believe that our DAO cannot thrive without the participation of our community. Their active involvement is directly proportional to the vitality of our ecosystem, shaping our project into more than just a cryptocurrency but a movement.

The shared enthusiasm, commitment, and innovation among community members propel our project, shaping it into more than just a cryptocurrency but a movement. Our community is not simply a group of passive participants, but active contributors to our DAO. They have the authority to propose and vote on key decisions, including project developments, tokenomics adjustments, and strategic partnerships.

This level of influence infuses a sense of ownership and responsibility among members, fostering a stronger, more engaged community. It's about the collective spirit that rallies during times of volatility, the shared laughter over a duck-themed meme, and the excitement that permeates the air with every new feature roll-out. It's about the friendships formed, the knowledge exchanged, and the shared belief in a decentralized future.

There are many ways in which community members can actively contribute to the DaVinci Duck project:

  • Propose and vote on key decisions in the DAO
  • Share your ideas and suggestions in community discussions
  • Assist in the development of dApps and other technical aspects of the project
  • Use your skills to create unique, duck-themed memes and digital art
  • Spread the word about the project and recruit new members
  • Traders trade, Liquidity Providers provide liquidity, farmers stake their tokens, and HODLers HODL

Remember, every action, every vote, every contribution, big or small, propels us towards our goals. By joining the DaVinci Duck community, you're not just a member of a cryptocurrency project. You are part of a revolution—a revolution towards a decentralized future.


As we embark on the DaVinci Duck Coin journey, we are inviting you to be more than just a participant; we're asking you to become a partner, an innovator, a visionary. Our platform intertwines art, technology, and community into a tapestry of endless possibilities, all underpinned by the spirit of decentralization.

The unique features we offer, from AI-generated NFTs to a fully autonomous DAO, are not just services but gateways into a new era of cryptocurrency. An era where creativity is currency, where decision-making power is in your hands, and where every voice counts.

Our roadmap is ambitious, and the journey may be challenging, but with a community as diverse, dynamic, and dedicated as ours, no hurdle is too high. As we venture into the exciting world of blockchain technology, DAO governance, and AI, we are not just building a project—we are shaping the future.

Whether you're a trader, developer, artist, or someone who's new to the crypto world, there is a place for you in our community. A place where your ideas are heard, your contributions valued, and your presence makes a difference. In our community, every member is a leader, guiding us towards a decentralized future.

So, join us on this thrilling ride as we delve into uncharted waters, break new ground, and redefine what it means to be a community-driven project. Together, let's quack louder, fly higher, and create a ripple in the crypto world that will be felt for generations to come.

At DaVinci Duck Coin, the canvas is blank, the palette is full, and the possibilities are endless. Let's create a masterpiece together.

  • The information in this document is subject to change based on community feedback, market conditions, or if a better solution is found that will benefit the project and community.

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